1.Silver, gold & pink topaz. Width 7mm.- Kr.1790
2.Silver, gold & chrysoprase. Width 10mm.- Kr.1790
3.Silver with turquoise. Length about 32mm.- Kr.1100
4.Silver and gems: Each ring costs Kr.550
5.Silver, gold & opal. Width about 8mm.- Kr.1690
6.Silver, rose gold & white topaz.- Kr.1390
7.Silver, gold & blue kyanite. Width 12-22mm.- Kr.2890
8.Silver, gold (yellow & rose) and green tourmaline. Width 10-30mm.- Kr.3460
9.Silver, gold & goldfilled. Width 10mm.- Kr.1290
10.Silver & gold. Width 8mm.- Kr.1090
11.Silver & gold. Width 9mm.- Kr.890
12.Silver, gold & citrine. Width 8mm.- Kr.1490
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6.Silver, rose gold & white topaz.- Kr.1390